Afghan Ministry Update

BCUMC family and friends,

 This month, thirteen families received boxes of donated household items, food, toys, and diapers this  past two weeks.

We are grateful beyond measure all the donations you brought to the giving tree, and the many other ways you have helped these young families.

Blessings have multiplied and will go far beyond what we can see. Thank you for your generous hearts!

Marge, Ted, Beth, Jan, Vicki, Debby, and Shelly would like to thank  the congregation for their generous donations, and  the volunteers who worked hard to sort through all the toys, books, household goods, food we could distribute to the families.  See previous email below.  

On Wednesday (1/.16) our volunteers delivered supplies to the last family as well as items for the Mom who just delivered a baby girl.  On Thursday, a few volunteers will open up a room at the Samara for families to choose clothing for their children. After that, we expect the ministry will wind down considerably, as far as collecting donations. We have hopes  to start a program to help the young Mothers with parenting and socialization, and our church is talking  with some established Muslim women and agencies in the community who we may be able to collaborate with us, if we have volunteer support.


Tim Schaaf