At Bear Creek UMC, we make small groups a priority and offer a variety of different types: support, Bible study, and prayer, are among them. Jesus operated much of His ministry out of a small group relationship with His disciples. They shared their lives together, celebrating success as well as lamenting tragedies. In the same way, we desire to pattern our small groups as we look up (worship), look in (discipleship), and look out (service).

If you would like to explore being part of a small group, please contact Danielle Walsh at, or call the office at 425-788-2953 and we will help you connect.


For February and March, we are offering a "Fruit Basket" of new small groups based upon what our congregation voted for in the last few weeks.  Groups start on or after Feb 17th and run for six weeks through the end of March.  There are six different types of groups, offering our church members a wide range of fun & spiritual ways to gather and connect.  Check them out and sign up for one or two! (Friends are always welcome to join in as well.)

Monday night – Dinner & Video Series


This group will enjoy dinner together, followed by a video study about "All the Places To Go" by John Ortberg.  7-8:30 or 9pm on Monday nights, starting Feb 18th.  The first meeting will be at church, then the subsequent gatherings will either be at the church or at other members' homes.  Sign up so you can have dinner with friends!  Follow along with this video study to learn about the "countless open doors God places before us every day...Giving us encouragement to step out in faith and embrace all of the extraordinary opportunities that await."

Online Amazing Grace Class

Our popular online Amazing Grace seminar will be a weekly posting via youtube for members to watch.  Then there'll be a 'closed discussion group' on facebook for members to collaborate, comment, discuss, etc. the topics at hand.  It will cover the UMC way to view scripture, Life (with a capital L), and spiritual growth.  Specific topics will vary weekly, but some examples are: Different ways to read scripture and learn about Jesus that embrace life, differences, creativity, and a pluralistic world; a balanced way to deal with theology and life issues using the Wesleyan Quadrilateral; a healthy way to look at experiences of grace and how to balance them with other's experiences; history of United Methodists and what makes us tick; a working understanding of John Wesley's "Three Simple Rules" and how to use them; how to "stay in love with God".  The hope is that this group can meet in person for coffee at least twice during the 6 weeks.  Join in!


Friday Morning Book Study

This small group will meet Friday mornings for six weeks, starting 2/22/19.  Led by Joan Pierce, this will be a book study supported by a video series - most likely the book "Just Walk Across The Room".  Join us! There's always time for discussing opinions and questions about the materials, socializing, and having a warm cup of coffee with friends!


Financial Peace University

Join this group if you are in need of guidance with your finances!  This class will be taught by Danielle Walsh (MBA and Accountant) and Jim Gordon (Investments Advisor with Wells Fargo) from our church community. It will be held at our church, at a time as desired by members who join the group.  Learn about budgeting, emergency savings, paying off debt, building wealth, retirement planning, giving, and much more. We will try to condense the topics to six weeks, as there are nine lessons that can be combined as the group desires.  $130 per family, financial aid available.

Weekend Fun Events Group

Plenty of fun weekend events to be scheduled!  Each weekend, the group will find a fun place to go.  The first event or two will be posted before 2/10.  The rest will be decided by the group and posted in the events section of this page.  Here are some potential options: Hiking, chocolate factory tour, service project (random act of kindness), winery tour, and/or bowling.  Join this group, get to know more of your church family, and try something new!  (No requirement to attend all events, but hope you can make it to many.)


Duvall (& Beyond!) Dinner Group

This dinner group starts at the Walsh home in Duvall (2/19) and will move to other group members' homes throughout the six weeks.  We might even go out for dinner to mix it up!  Each Tuesday from 6:30pm-8:00pm, we will gather together to share a meal and connect over prayers, concerns, and family stories.  A few days prior to the event, the leader will email the group and suggest certain contributions to the meal, however the host will provide the main dish.  **At the first meeting we will decide where we will meet for the other five weeks.**  Join the group & connect to other church members in a fresh, new way!