Please Pray and consider adopting/mentoring an Afghan family


This past year, Bear Creek UMC has been involved with an incredible ministry to a group of Afghan families.  The Afghan families have done significant work with the US government in Afghanistan, and because of that have been forced to move from Afghanistan to the US in order to remain alive.  Recently a new group of     Afghan families has been allowed to relocate to the US and we are hoping to help these families make a new start here in the Seattle area.

What we are asking you to do is to pray about partnering with one other person or couple from our church and considering “adopting” or mentoring one of the Afghan families.  Don’t panic!  When we say “adopt” we are not asking you to bring them into your home!  We are simply asking that you:

  • meet with this family once a month,

  • get to know them,

  • pray for them,

  • and help them navigate the sometimes complicated US relief systems for help.  


This would involve going down to Tukwila once a month and visiting with the family for an hour or so.  It would involve getting on the phone to several relief agencies in the area to help them get connected to help, and working with a team here at Bear Creek UMC who has extensive experience working with Afghan families to help provide emotional support and additional assistance for the family.

We are helping with a baby shower for one of the families on August 5th from 7-8 pm.  This might be a great opportunity to join us and experience this unique opportunity for ministry.  If you are interested in more info or want to talk more about this incredible ministry please contact the church office. (425-788-2953 or

Tim Schaaf