Work Teams


Our teams make Bear Creek happen. Running the church is similar to operating any other service organization or business and like most nonprofit organizations, much of the work is done by volunteers.

  • trustees - Manage the facility and grounds.
  • finance team- Manage the budget and other financial resources.
  • staff-parish relations committee - Serves as the liaison between the congregation and church employees such as the pastor.
  • worship team - Plans and coordinates all worship events as well as music ministries.
  • serve team committee - Plans and coordinates events such as potlucks, the Christmas Festival, particularly when food is involved!
  • god's hands - Plans, coordinates, and facilitates service projects throughout the year. 
  • christian education - The organizing group behind Sunday School offerings for all ages as well as other educational opportunities.
  • community programs - Provides classes and events of a non-religious nature for the benefit of the congregation and community.
  • welcome and engage team - this team welcome’s guests to bear creek and then add all the marketing stuff to this as well
  • coordinating board - helps tie all of this together, keeping the big picture and our church's vision in mind.

There is a place for everyone and every talent on a committee! If you would like to explore serving Bear Creek on a committee, please contact Pastor Brook at

Tim Schaaf