Rivulets of Love and the Youth Program at BCUMC


Last night I had the opportunity to sit down with Erika Mahanti and Tim Schaaf, our youth leaders. We met over supper on Tim’s new deck. And after our meeting and discussion I found myself stopping by the Cottage Lake park.  I go there often.  I love to walk out on the public dock there after everyone is gone and just ponder my day.  Most of the time I’m saying special prayers for folk in need.  Folks who have found out they have cancer, or who are in the hospital, or who have lost loved ones.  It’s my habit to toss a tiny stone in the lake and as I watch the rivulets of water expand across the pond, I imagine the power of my prayer…riding on the wings and spirit of our amazing God…reaching the hearts of those I pray for.  I pray and hope that everyone in this world knows that they are never alone.

But this time, after meeting with Erika and Tim, I had this need in my heart to gather two great big stones. As I tossed them into the water, my prayer, usually more of the silent variety, burst instead into exultant joy and praise!   I was so overjoyed to have such a wonderful couple working with our youth!   Erika and Tim are prayerful, committed, fun, and full of ideas that are hopeful and expectant for our youth.  They talked with me extensively and compassionately about each child in our youth group and the hopes they have in their hearts for each of them and their families.  I could tell that these youth were not just prayed over occasionally but bathed in prayer on a regular basis.

Bear Creek do we realize how blessed we are to have these two vibrant leaders in our midst!?!   Bear Creek can you do me a favor this year!?! Can you take some time to give an exuberant shout to our amazing God for bringing us such faithful and compassionate souls to do ministry to, for, and with our youth?   Can you take some time and write a note of thanksgiving and encouragement to Erika and Tim for the ministry they work so hard to make happen?

And one more thing, can you pray for their personal lives?  Both of them work hard at their own full-time jobs.  Both of them have families that they are trying to hold in their hearts, while they also try to reach out to our youth.   Both of them have souls that sometimes doubt, sometimes hurt, and sometimes wonder whether all this is worth doing.   They need to know we are behind them.  They need to know we are praying and pulling for them.  They need to know that they are a wonderful and sacred gift for Bear Creek!

Your pastor and friend, still marveling at the rivulets of love that the impact of these two wonderful people have as they reach out to our youth, Brook 


Tim Schaaf