VBS is so Cool!


Last week at Vacation Bible School, we had two sets of twins join us for the week!  How cool was that!?   We also had a bunch of brother/sister combinations!  Coming from a large family who didn’t always get along, I was impressed by the way these brothers and sisters supported and encouraged each other during the week.  It was sometimes the opposite of the way I experienced family growing up.  As the “baby brother” growing up with two older brothers, 4 older sisters, and one younger sister, I was certainly spoiled in many ways. But that “spoiling” came at a price…especially from my older brothers!  One particular memory I have is “being allowed” to play a game of basketball with one of my older brothers (I’m sure I whined for 15 minutes before they said yes!)   There were 5 in the group and they needed me to play 3 on 3, so I knew eventually they would let me play! My first mistake, though, came early when my brother didn’t pick me, and I ended up guarding him and vice versa. My second mistake was hitting the winning shot over my brother’s outstretched hand (from deep in the corner by the way) to win the game for my team!   My brother was furious!  And I was scared!   Thank goodness I had a head start and adrenaline from that fear! I sprinted into the house and hid behind mom for 3 hours!

That kind of energy was NOT the prevailing attitude this week in VBS.  Everyone was amazing!   One of my favorite moments this week was when the mother of one of the sets of twins came up to me and shared that her 5-year-old son woke up with sleep still in his eyes…saying and signing the VBS Bible verse from memory!   He shared that he and his twin brother had stayed up late practicing!  

Soooo cool!

That is why VBS is so cool!  Think about it!  We get these children for 3 straight hours a day and for 5 days that week.  That’s 15 hours of connecting time!  In that time, we not only teach and memorize and sing…we connect at a deeper level than at any other time we have with children in a year! Every day that positive energy and spirit that is coming from the children and the adults starts growing and maturing and before you know it…God’s spirit is all over the place!

One of the visual images we used to describe God’s goodness during the week was a catapult and a ping pong ball.   We started off with one catapult and one ping pong ball and shot it 25 feet in the air.  The kids were pretty impressed.   Then we took a bigger catapult and put 10 ping pong balls 30 feet in the air!  The kids were almost at that “wow” stage then.  But then we took 100 ping pong balls and put them in an even bigger catapult and let them fly.  The room went wild!

That’s the way it is with God’s goodness.  When one of us does something good and encourages someone else it’s cool!   But when 100 of us get together and we are all pulling for each other and working together with Christ’s agape love in our hearts…the goodness from that builds and builds until it shoots through the roof!  And when that happens, the whole world wants to join in!

This year’s VBS was exactly like that!  The energy just kept building and building until, when we reached Friday, almost all of us wanted to keep doing this!

I want to thank everyone who helped with VBS this year!  The volunteers, our church staff, the parents, and especially those children who are now all my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Your friend and pastor, overwhelmed by the Spirit of this year’s VBS, Brook 

Tim Schaaf