Is there room for a Cowboy at Bear Creek?


Yesterday, Jim Zimmerman, one of our members, came up to me and shared that he has always loved Cowboys.  For him two figures stand out for him:  Roy Rodgers, and “Woody” from the movie “Toy Story.”  What he loved about these cowboys is that they were always ready for an adventure.   As he has reflected on this love of “the cowboy, he has seen this love slip into what he might call a calling from God.   As Jim puts it, “I think maybe God wants me to be a cowboy, or at least I want to be one!”

What is he talking about?

Well, for Jim, being a cowboy is taking a risk.  It’s getting out of our comfort zone and reaching out beyond the safe confines and comfort of home.  “Cowboys are always out on the range, sleeping under the stars, and moving on.   I want the church to do that.   Sometimes I think we get too safe.   We only play in the safe confines of the church building and the few people inside that church that we know.   I feel God is moving me (and I hope us) to get out there on the range, where people are.   That’s what I want to do.   I’m not entirely sure what that means, but that’s what I want to start doing.”

As Jim and I talked, I mentioned that my church coach, Neil Tibbots, shared with me that he thought I ought to think about going out into our neighborhoods and knocking on doors.   Neil has run and been elected as a member of the city council in Edmonds several times, and he said that one of the things that surprised him was how effective knocking on doors was.   People were surprised that someone would make the effort.  They found it refreshing that a campaign wasn’t just about flyers and adds.  Neil suggested I just go into a neighborhood and share that I’m the new pastor at Bear Creek and share with them that I just want to get to know the neighborhood and see where the conversation takes goes.

And so, Pastor Brook called the Cowboy’s bluff…and Jim called mine.  And Jim and Brook made a decision… that this Sunday, May 7th, from 4:00-5:30 pm they were going to go out on the range and see what happens.   We are going to go out and knock on some doors.   Any takers?  If so, put on your cowboy boots and bring your hat, and join us.

Your friend and pastor, always willing to ride with you towards the son-set, Brook

Tim Schaaf