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Vision 2018

Thanks To All Of You Who Participated on March 18th (and In Prior Visioning Sessions)

We’re making great progress and are truly starting to see trends and key areas where we should focus. Included below are the “three big ideas” that came out of each of the five sessions.
Next steps?
  • Coordinating Board meets April 14 to discuss recommendations/develop plan of action
  • April 15 – Diversity Team meets
  • Target: May 2018 – Communicate 2018 Visioning and related action plan
Remember, it is never too late to provide your ideas/volunteer to help
  • Ensure consistent and reliable communications
  • Hire a dedicated staff, knowledgeable about technology
  • Have a clear understanding of what is needed for internal/external communications
  • Communicate
  • Get more people involved
  • Have focused projects
  • Covenant groups need to be more open and advertise so we can plug in new members.
  • Small groups with a purpose: This could be a Sunday School; mission project; learning about something such as finance, parenting, care giving, gardening, Stephen’s ministry;
  • Small groups for fun: book clubs, archery, cooking, flying fishing etc…. sports, picnics on location, golfing, hiking, dinner clubs; etc….
  • Have monthly meetings after worship where new people are invited
  • Train greeters and regular attendees how to reach out
  • Pursue a coffee kiosk in the church
  • Have better/technological attendance tracking
  • Reach out to the community (outside of the church)
  • Diversify music in the worship service
  • Bring scriptural context to worship service before scripture reading
  • Devise a mechanism that highlights all activities within the church for a given week (use of technology encouraged)
  • Develop an inclusion statement on April 15th
  • Develop a strategy to move forward toward reconciling
BCUMC Visioning Team:
Pastor Brook
Danielle Walsh
Heather Nelson
Connie Gagnon
Ellen Boyer

Link – Welcome & Connect


Link – Worship


Link – Missions


Link – Small Groups

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