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Stewardship 2017

Step One: 

Take a look at  your giving level last year and determine where you are on this Giving Ladder.

Step Two:

Take some time to prayerfully consider taking one step up the giving ladder.  For instance, if you’ve never given to the church consider making a one time gift!  Or if you intentionally give 5% of your income to Bear Creek, consider moving towards tithing by giving 6% this year.

Step Three:

Send In Your Pledge-
(1) fill out your e-pledge card here,
(2) send your paper pledge card to us via post office mail,  or
(3) bring your card to the church and place it in the offering plate during worship.

An Important Note:

If you are  finding it hard to get to the first step, feel like your financial situation is out of control, and you need help, please email Pastor Brook. He will help you find confidential  financial counseling for free, or partner you with someone from Bear Creek who might help you begin to take control of your financial situation.   We are here to help and give hope.