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The BCUMC Mission Committee’s purpose is to educate and encourage people to show God’s love by reaching out to others in our churches, our communities, and the world with our gifts, service and prayers. We have identified two organizations as primary mission partners with the intent of building a long-term relationship and gaining a better understanding of their needs and how to best meet them.

They are Camp Unity and Matthew House. In addition, we provide support for other organizations on an occasional basis including Eastside Baby Corner, Mary’s Place, African Team Ministries, and Hopelink. For a number of years, we have sent a team on an annual mission trip to the White Swan community in Eastern Washington to serve through the Wilbur United Methodist Church.

If you have questions, an interest in being a part of a mission activity, or wish to serve on the Missions committee, send us an email.


Change the World with BCUMC!
Starting April 30th, BCUMC is holding events both at the church and on-site. Starting with planting starter plants for Growing a Solution to Hunger.  Click here for more information about Change the World!



Honduras Mission Team

We’re about four months away from departure, and getting excited about the opportunity we’ll have to change lives (both ours and the people of Honduras).  This trip is about villages — our BCUMC village here, spreading our love “to the nations;” and a village in Honduras, where lives will be drastically changed through clean water, clean living arrangements, and the sharing of our love.   There are many ways you can participate in this mission, a few are listed below:

  1. We still need team members! Right now, we’re a team of nine, and we’d like to get to about 15.  Please prayerfully consider joining us, and if you see obstacles to going, talk with us (eg. If you’re worried about the cost, we’re raising money and the Missions Committee has scholarships to help defray some of the expense).
  2. Participate in our fundraisers — we have three planned right now:
    1. March 19 – BAKE SALE (not just those yummy sweets, but meatloaf, lasagna, and other goodies)
    2. April 12 – Road Trip Wednesday, come and enjoy a Honduran meal and see pictures, etc. of where we’ll be working; donations for the cost of the meal will be gladly accepted
    3. Buy A Share in the BCUMC HOI MISSIONS TEAM – What do you get for your “Share”? – Communications from us in Honduras, a ticket to our celebratory dinner when we return, a gift from Honduras, etc. Each share is $20. Look for our team youth (Hailey Woodworth and Spencer Boyer); they’ll have shares for sale.

We’ll keep you updated on our mission journey and thank you for the support that you have and will be offering up to us!