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Interfaith Social Action Group

Bear Creek United Methodist Church and Congregation Kol Ami commit to an interfaith partnership that creates connection with other faith-based congregations, to establish a collective voice speaking out in solidarity with the vulnerable and bringing about positive resolution of moral issues associated with environmental, social and economic injustice.

Upcoming Interfaith and Social Action Events

The Greater Seattle Council of Churches is a clearinghouse for many interfaith and social justice events. There are several upcoming events supporting immigrants and refugees, addressing racism, supporting interfaith relationships, and regarding the environment. Check out the calendar- click the link: Community Events Calendar

Justice, peace, truth, advocacy, action?

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From: The Faith Action Network

To: Friends who teach, counsel, and advocate for children and families, please read and act as able: Thanks.

Congress is in the midst of negotiating a deal to reauthorize the Farm Bill, which contains funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a key program for people struggling to get enough to eat. Please contact your member of Congress to tell them about your concerns about hunger and poverty, and ask their position on this legislation. Here’s a sample message:

“As a person of faith and member of Faith Action Network I write/call to express my concerns regarding the deep cuts and changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program as the Farm Bill reauthorization process is occurring in Congress. I believe that the current House version from Agriculture Committee Chair Conaway will only deepen hunger and poverty in our state. In Washington, 1 in 5 children live in food insecure households, and 1 in 8 rely on SNAP to put food on their tables. Please let me know your position and how we can help you reduce poverty in our state and nation. Thank you.”

Click here to find your Congressional District, and use the links and phone numbers below to contact your Congressperson.

The English Classes for refugee and immigrant women from Afghanistan which began in January continue every Thursday.  Jan, Vicki, Beth, Barb, and Debby are truly enjoying the opportunity to teach the women English and also to get to know them personally.  The women are warm, genuine, and appreciative, and we come away feeling exhausted but renewed, by giving what we can and getting much in return.

Families from Afghanistan are eligible for Visas to come to the US if they worked on behalf of the US government for at least two years and have evidence of imminent threats due to their work. The review process takes one to three years.

Right now, three of the women in the class are expecting a child, and we often have 7 or 8 toddlers and preschoolers as well. This week, a sister church in Bothell provided volunteers to come help supervise the little ones, so that the Moms could focus.

The women have learned vocabulary and practice speaking and writing on topics such as food and cooking, money and how to shop, clothing and colors, and health and Dr. visits. They share with us some of their culture also, invited us to lunch in their apartment, and showed us how to wear headscarves. We are still in need of volunteers to come help play with the children during class time.   Contact Debby if you would like to learn more.



Help Refugees Learn English

Thursdays, 11:00am-12:30pm
Carpool leaves Bear Creek UMC at 10:00am

We are an interfaith team committed to continuing our relationship with refugee families. We will be teaching English skills to refugees. We currently have students at all levels and ages from just learning the alphabet to semi-fluent, babies to adult.

Lesson plans are prepared; volunteers will be assisting the instructor, primarily with practice conversation.  Any time commitment is appreciated. For more info or to volunteer, contact: Debby Heimfeld


To find out about upcoming Interfaith Social Action events, click here.  Church Council of Greater Seattle’s website.

For the UMC’s Faith In Action website please visit:

For more information about the BCUMC /CKA Interfaith Partnership, please contact Connie Gagnon or Debby Heimfeld