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Building Use & Availability

It is the intent of Bear Creek UMC to be good stewards of the beautiful building, furnishings, contents, and grounds that we are blessed with. While we view the primary role of these facilities to be a support of Bear Creek UMC programs and ministries, we recognize that they hold additional potential for good beyond this. Therefore, we have and will continue to seek out partners who share our overall commitment to a better community and world and can benefit from the use of our facilities.

General Information on Building Use

In order to maintain our tax-exempt status, events and activities in the church building must be non-profit in nature. If you have any questions or concerns about your event meeting this requirement, please contact us (425) 788-2953 or To view additional guidelines for building use, please click here.

Large Events

If you are considering the church for a large event such as a wedding, please contact us (425) 788-2953 or that we can assist with the facility use portion of the planning.

Building Use Fees

We do charge a fee for use of our facility to cover the cost of items such as power, heating and cooling, cleaning, and maintenance. To view the current fee schedule, click here. If the fee would create a significant hardship for your group, please contact us (425) 788-2953 or that we may consider underwriting all or a portion of the fee.

Building Space Availability

If you wish to find out if a specific date, time, and space are available, you may contact us at (425) 788-2953 or or click here to view our Building Use Calendar.

Building Use Request for an event that is not a Bear Creek UMC Event or Program: [link].

Building Use Request for an event that is a Bear Creek UMC Event or Program: [link].