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Camp Unity Eastside (CUE) is a transitional mobile encampment and self-managed community. They focus on giving a hand to up to 75 individuals who have need for simple shelter. Over the years, BCUMC has provided meals, helped with moving, and provided funding.  For more information on CUE and how you can help, select one of the following links:

To visit Camp Unity’s web site, click here.
To visit Camp Unity’s Facebook page click here

Or call Camp Unity’s Front Desk: 425-652-9170


Greetings friends,

I hope that you had a great month so far.  Below are updates for Camp Unity Eastside, which is now located at St. Jude Parish, 10526 166th Ave NE, Redmond.  Please share this update with others.

THANK YOU for the very generous support you have shown the men and women of Camp Unity!!  Just during January and February: 

  • The camp received sufficient donations to purchase a replacement trailer to support and move the shower.  The shower and washer/dryer were installed on the trailer in time for the move.
  • Construction of an enclosure for the washer and dryer on the trailer was completed to keep these appliances from freezing
  • Several off-duty Redmond Firefighters provided donations for materials and volunteered their time to help build nearly 50 steel platforms to support camp tents.  These platforms are easier to move and keep the campers dryer. Check out the Redmond Reporter article 
  • Nearly 60 volunteers on Feb 3 and 4 helped move and set up the camp at St. Jude Parish during steady rainfall, including students from two Eastside high schools
  • Emma Lin Chen and Steven Song provided much appreciated hair cuts for the campers
  • Many joined for Daniel Cottrell’s and Dawn Goldsmith’s art show and sale at St. Bartholomew Church
  • Staff from the cities of Kirkland and Redmond are helping to connect campers with services
  • Many supporters continue to bring much needed meals and donations to Camp Unity  – the meal calendar for February has sign ups for every day!
  • And other support …..

Everything you do big and small means a lot to the campers and is greatly appreciated!   You help the campers remember that they are not alone and that there’s a community that cares and takes the time and provides the resources to help them.  Thank you so much!

Current Camp Needs:  The primary need currently for the Camp is donations to help fund ongoing expenses such as for insurance, garbage, and basic maintenance and operations of the camp vehicle.  Donations are tax deductible.  If you can help, please mail your donation to Camp Unity Eastside, PO Box 342, Redmond, WA 98073.

In addition, more specific needs for the campers include a thermos coffee carafe, powder creamer, sugar, sugar free hot chocolate, bottled water, aspirin, Aleve PM, hand sanitizer, Tums, Pepto Bismol, Zicam, grocery cards, Orca cards, 4 large and 1 extra large knee braces, 1 gallon Ziploc bags, duct tape, 30 gallon trash can size black trash bags or contractor bags, paper towels, needle & sewing kit, AAA and 6V batteries, HP 63 Black Printer ink, 11” zip ties, shower curtain and rings, shower cleaner, 3 cots for sleeping.  If you can provide any of these items, please drop them off at Camp Unity Eastside.

Campers seeking work:   While some of the campers are currently employed, others are not and are actively seeking employment.   Among the skills these men and women have are experience with data entry, call center staffing, administrative skills in a corporate setting, organization, event planning and coordination, and hauling and delivery services.   Please consider these campers if you have a need for any of these services.   The best way to follow up is to call Camp Unity at 425-652-9170 and talk with the camper who is staffing the front desk at that time.  They can connect you with campers who are seeking employment.

Blessings to you,

Lori Peckol

Coordinator, Friends of Camp Unity


Camp Unity is Currently located at:
St. Jude Parish
10526 166th Ave NE, Redmond