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Camp Unity Eastside

Currently Located At:

Bear Creek United Methodist Church
16530 Avondale Rd NE, Woodinville
Camp Unity Eastside (CUE) is a transitional mobile encampment and self-managed community. They focus on giving a hand to up to 75 individuals who have need for simple shelter. Over the years, BCUMC has provided meals, helped with moving, and provided funding.
For more information on CUE and how you can help, visit the following links:

Camp Unity’s web site;
Camp Unity’s Facebook page;
or call Camp Unity’s Front Desk: 425-652-9170


Learn About Life at Camp Unity Eastside and Its Residents:

Pastor Brook interviews our temporary neighbors in order to get to know them better.  Please enjoy meeting the neighbors via “Camp Unity Chronicles“.


Weekly Dinner With Camp Unity
Wednesdays thru December, 6:00pm

Welcome our new neighbors! Get together with your small group, neighbors and friends to cook/serve dinner for 25 on Wednesday nights. Menus and recipes are available. Food and monetary donations to pay for food and supplies are welcome.

Sign up in the lobby, or contact: Sara Lambert



As we head into the winter season, this is a time when your support for the men and women at Camp Unity is especially critical and appreciated.  This month’s newsletter highlights several ways to help the camp with essential needs.   No matter how you help, what you do makes a difference and allows Camp Unity to continue to provide a safe and stable environment for men and women experiencing homelessness.

All donations of supplies or funding are tax deductible, and may be matched by your employer (such as Microsoft, Boeing and Google).   Thank you for sharing this newsletter with others.

Camp Shout Outs and Updates:   Great news that this past month, Alison and Chris were able to move out of the camp into a home.   Kudos to campers Ivan Dempsey and Gilbert Jones for appointment to the Camp Unity Eastside (CUE) Board, and to Daniel Cottrell for his continued participation as camp liaison to the CUE Board.  Thank you to Rhonda Knuckey, Hopelink, for joining for a recent camp meeting to describe the types of assistance Hopelink offers with employment needs.

Also, thank you to the King County Library System for providing “mi-fi” internet hotspot devices for the camp and to the Camp Unity team from Bear Creek United Methodist Church for providing a small freezer stocked with frozen meals to help campers with those nights when meals aren’t provided.

Urgent need for funding to help with basic camp expenses:   Household expenses for most of us include monthly or every other month costs for waste, utilities and insurance.  Similarly for Camp Unity, regular expenses include those for porta potties, waste management, and insurance.   The camp has a significant need for donations to help pay for these ongoing expenses.  If you can help in any amount, please mail your donation to Camp Unity Eastside, PO Box 342, Redmond, WA 98073.

Camp supply needs:  Camp needs for the next few weeks include:  Clorox wipes (5 containers), gallon bleach jugs (2), high efficiency laundry detergent, peroxide, zip ties,  plates & bowls (300), plastic cups (200), paper towels (10 to 12 rolls), hand sanitizer (4 jugs), ground coffee (8 containers), Splenda (1),sugar (1), creamer (3 jars), reusable Keurig cups, 1 box trash bags (38 gallon), empty propane tanks (4), and lots of love and laughter.  If you can provide any of these, please bring them to the camp at Bear Creek United Methodist Church, 16530 Avondale Rd NE, Woodinville.

Winter clothing/supplies needs:  As the weather is getting colder, the camp is seeking assistance with needs for the winter including gloves, scarves, hand and feet warmers, jackets, thermal underwear, sleeping bags, Ny-Quil, and cough drops.  If you can provide any of these, please bring them to the camp at Bear Creek United Methodist Church.

Save the date:  Kirkland Interfaith Network Annual Alternative Gift Fair is November 4 (9 am to 4 pm) and November 5 (12 to 2 pm), Holy Family Catholic Church, 7045 120th Ave NE, Kirkland.  At the fair, you can purchase “alternative” gifts for everyone on your shopping list through donations that provide gifts, such as a month at Camp Unity for people experiencing homelessness or a new window for a house built by Habitat for Humanity.   It’s the gift that blesses twice!  Camp Unity will be one of many organizations that will have a table to sell “alternative” gifts at the fair. Hope to see you there!   Also, if you enjoy applying your creative talents, we would love your help with crafting Camp Unity’s table at the fair. Contact Lori Peckol

Meals:  Thank you so much to those who signed up to bring a meal via the meals calendar during the past few months. Especially as the weather gets colder having a warm meal makes a big difference.   If you can help on a weeknight such as Monday or Tuesday though are short on time, picking up ready to go food from Costco or the grocery store works great! There are about 22 men and women at Camp Unity now.

Lori Peckol
Coordinator, Friends of Camp Unity Eastside