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Camp Unity Eastside

Currently Located At:
Northlake Lutheran Church
 6620 NE 185th St, Kenmore

Camp Unity Eastside (CUE) is a transitional mobile encampment and self-managed community. They focus on giving a hand to up to 75 individuals who have need for simple shelter. Over the years, BCUMC has provided meals, helped with moving, and provided funding.
For more information on CUE and how you can help, visit the following links:

Camp Unity’s web site;
Camp Unity’s Facebook page;
or call Camp Unity’s Front Desk: 425-652-9170


Learn About Life at Camp Unity Eastside and Its Residents:

Pastor Brook interviews our temporary neighbors in order to get to know them better.  Please enjoy meeting the neighbors via “Camp Unity Chronicles“.



Greetings friends,

We are grateful for your support and care for the men and women at Camp Unity Eastside (CUE)!  Below are updates for the upcoming month and beyond.

**GiveBIG 2018:  Camp Unity is taking part again in GIVEBIG, the Seattle Foundation’s annual day of community giving!  Camp Unity’s goal is to raise $35,000 for the essential needs described below.  And we are well on the way thanks to generous pledges totaling $7,500 from Bear Creek United Methodist Church, Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, Northshore Community Church, Overlake Christian Church, and St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church.

Won’t you add your donation and help us reach our goal?   Mark your calendar to schedule your donation at  GIVEBIG Camp Unity Eastside starting April 26.

Essential needs:

  1. Sanitation (porta potties) and waste management (trash disposal) services, which are necessary for the safety of camp residents, visitors and hosts and are required by permits issued for the camp’s stay.  We have a critical need for additional funding for these services starting in May 2018 with the camp’s move to the next host site, and
  2. Funds to purchase more all-season tents, heavy-duty tarps and to build additional tent platforms.  This will allow us to replace the remaining one-season tents and lightweight tarps, provide tents and tarps for additional people who seek shelter at Camp Unity, and have enough tent platforms.  Finally, we would like to equip all tents with cots and pillows so that residents can have a better night’s rest.

**Help build the 3-Year Rotation to Combat Homelessness:  Camp Unity has been working for the past two years to develop a roster of churches and other organizations willing to host the camp regularly. Our goal is to have enough hosts that each could host the camp for 90 to 120 days once every three years.

When we reach our goal, we will realize several benefits:

  1. We will no longer have the anxiety of not knowing where the camp will go next. That will be a blessing for residents who face uncertainty about whether they will have a safe place to live in a few months.
  2. We will have a large enough network to support the camp year-around, making it possible for large and small churches and other organizations to take part in supporting the camp.
  3. The camp will rotate among more areas, so more communities can more easily share in assisting the camp

We’re making progress. We currently have five churches located in Eastside communities that are willing to host on a regular basis, and we expect a sixth church to join soon. We need to bring on three or four additional hosts to have a full, three-year rotation.

That’s where you come in.

The CUE Site Committee is responsible for finding prospective new hosts, as well as communicating with established hosts and helping to coordinate regular moves between sites. The Site Committee needs your help. We need two more members to help us find the prospective hosts to complete the 3-Year Rotation.

This may be a great fit for you if you:

  • Have compassion for the growing number of people who are struggling with overwhelming obstacles in life. (We know you meet that one; you’re a Friend of Camp Unity.)
  • Have some time each week to make phone calls, write letters, and/or talk with people. Time commitment varies.
  • Can attend a one-hour meeting every week or two (scheduling depends on needs). Meetings sometimes include refreshments since we like to have committee celebrations.
  • Are an ideas person, goal oriented and persevere.
  • Find it rewarding to feel a great sense of accomplishment and joy when as a team we can help provide stability for people experiencing homelessness.

Please contact Karen Tidball or call 206-595-5436 with any questions and to learn more about how you can help the Site Committee. Please feel free to print and share the flyer (Seeking Volunteers – Help Build the 3 Year Rotation to Combat Homelessness) with this request to others who have a heart to serve in this way.

**Camp supply needs:  Kitchen – water, coffee, Splenda, plates, bowls, cups (coffee and regular size).  Cleaning – laundry soap, bleach, alcohol prep wipes, dish soap, hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, Lysol wipes, baby wipes, trash bags (33 gallon), Ziplock bags (gallon and quart).  Office – surge protector, batteries (AAA, AA, C, D), Post it notes.   Medications/vitamins – Tylenol PM, Ibuprofen, Aleve (naproxen sodium).  Toiletries –  shaving cream, disposable razors, after shave, ear plugs. Thank you for bringing supplies to the camp at Saint Teresa of Calcutta Church, 17856 NE Woodinville Duvall Rd, Woodinville

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

Lori Peckol
Coordinator, Friends of Camp Unity Eastside